10 October 2010


I woke up, not only aware of, but wondering if today, 10 10 10, had any significant numerical uh, significance. I'm sure its lucky for the Chinese in some way. I love their food.
Perhaps unbeknownst to us this date, 10 10 10 is a key that's about to set off a chain of events that eventually leads to the end of days. No wait I think 2012 has the rights on that story.

(clunky segue)

And 2012 is all terrifying and all but strictly if you look at it from a Gregorian point of view. I mean today is always today...maybe except for tomorrow when its yesterday. But the Mayan today, their October 10 2010 is Long Count =; tzolkin = 7 Caban; haab = 10 Yax. Try finding that shitter on a Hallmark card.

And the Julian calender; a sexy little number first introduced by Julius Ceaser (of salad fame) after deep consultation with astronomer Sosigenes of Alexandria suggests its the 27th of September 2010. Of course we can forgive the Romans for a few lost weekends, amid all the road building, orgies and knifing sometimes day turns into night, and besides, what happens in Gaul, stays in Gaul.

Ab urbe condita

...wait what were we talking about?

I figure something I could do was start a painting and show you its progress. Maybe I can update with photos....And you thought watching a pot boil was boring. But here....we go....here is the painting. I have what at best can be described as a working title but its still so green that I want to hold onto it for one more day.
This is the canvas hanging on my studio wall.

Now what?

This painting will be evidence of this process so I am going to start with the idea of it being an Exhibit A.

To be continued...

(cue music)

end credits.

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  1. You should maybe make it green...and red. I think you can.

    By the way....27 is lucky, no?