07 October 2010


I am a meander-er. I thought that was probably pretty important to let you know considering what this blog is ostensibly about. And just what is a meander-er I don't hear you ask? Beyond Webster's ubiquitous ...it's a circuitous journey with no fixed blah blah blah...a meander-er is like a procrastinator but with purpose. Whereas the procrastinator puts off today what he doesn't want to do tomorrow. A meander-er will get it done...eventually. (Get used to that word) It's just that first the meander-er wants to make a sandwich and hear that particular Thomas Dolby song, which will then make said meander-er think of Sean Browning, and then call Sean Browning and then talk to Sean Browning for 30 minutes about how awesome they and Thomas Dolby all are. (This happens more than you know.)

This could be pure speculation and forgive the sweeping generalization but I believe meander-ers probably own a lot of shoes.

To put it another way a procrastinator is the Rolling Stones, a meander-er is the Beatles. Sub referencing that; Paul would be the procrastinator and John would be the meander-er. Still don't understand?

(I could be the walrus...I'd still have to bum rides off people) Does that help at all?

Fornication under consent of the King.

Which reminds me...I sometimes work blue and have been accused of swearing like a sailor, which is fitting considering, like a sailor, I'm always drunk and riddled with syphilis.

If this blog were rated like the movie system, at worst I might be a strong NC-17 and at best a PG-13. Which means that you might see nudity but it will artfully shot.

I can promise you that this blog will never be brought to you by Disney.

These are the jokes, folks.

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